Brianne McWhinnie Photography: Blog en-us (C) Brianne McWhinnie Photography (Brianne McWhinnie Photography) Tue, 24 Jul 2018 18:59:00 GMT Tue, 24 Jul 2018 18:59:00 GMT HAPPY / MARSHFIELD MA FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER I am embarrassed to say that this session is from last August (eep, August!). This year has been a whirlwind, to say the least.  I wasn't sure where to even start, so I figured I would start with one of my favorite families.  I met up with this amazing family down at the beach (my ultimate happy place!) for an early morning session. Happy summer everyone!!


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GETTING A SISTER / BOSTON, MA FAMILY AND MATERNITY PHOTOGRAPHER I will be playing catch up for a while.....I have been taking pictures of this family since this little guy was a newborn.  I love repeat clients and watching their family grow.  Their little girl arrived in February and is such a little love.  Stay tuned for their sweet little girl's blog post.

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BEACH LIFE / MARSHFIELD MA FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER Oh, my poor neglected blog!  We were lucky enough to get this amazing beach session in before the storm rolled in.  Such a sweet family,  so nice to meet you L family....xo

BMP_3089.jpgBMP_3089.jpg BMP_3096.jpgBMP_3096.jpg BMP_3154.jpgBMP_3154.jpg BMP_3178.jpgBMP_3178.jpg BMP_3161.jpgBMP_3161.jpg BMP_3380.jpgBMP_3380.jpg BMP_3236.jpgBMP_3236.jpg BMP_3219.jpgBMP_3219.jpg BMP_3247.jpgBMP_3247.jpg BMP_3240.jpgBMP_3240.jpg BMP_3237.jpgBMP_3237.jpg


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NEW LOVE / BOSTON MA LIFESTYLE NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHER I met this sweet family when I photographed their maternity session back in December, which you can see  here.  Just like their maternity session,  Little Miss E's newborn session was such a  joy.  She is such a good baby and did so well for the camera.  Mom and Dad are just glowing with pride and love....and she already has Daddy wrapped around his finger...xo


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AWESOME / BOSTON, MA FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER These are from last fall...yes,  LAST fall.  I will catch up someday!  This family is awesome....sweet, simple and a joy to photograph.  xox

DSC_3059DSC_3059 DSC_3101-2DSC_3101-2

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LUCKY | BOSTON MA FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER So behind on the blog..still playing catch-up and I definitely cannot leave out this sweet family session from the fall (Yes! the fall). This particular family is absolutely one of my favorites. I have been so lucky to photograph them several times over the years. Watching their adorable family grow and grow has been so amazing....xoxo


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ANY DAY / BOSTON, MA MATERNITY PHOTOGRAPHER I am so behind on blogging. I have so many amazing sessions to share!  It is only right that I start with this awesome couple, their little girl is due any day now. It was such a pleasure meeting you and I cant wait to meet your little girl! xo



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FIRST / NATICK MA NEWBORN LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHER This family is so sweet and they have the most adorable baby girl with a pretty rockin head of hair.  And she was so easy going....I don't think I even heard her cry.  

BMP_2143.jpgBMP_2143.jpg BMP_2374.jpgBMP_2374.jpg BMP_2343.jpgBMP_2343.jpg BMP_2127.jpgBMP_2127.jpg BMP_2614.jpgBMP_2614.jpg BMP_2640.jpgBMP_2640.jpg BMP_2387.jpgBMP_2387.jpg BMP_2437.jpgBMP_2437.jpg BMP_2602.jpgBMP_2602.jpg BMP_2481.jpgBMP_2481.jpg BMP_2132.jpgBMP_2132.jpg

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TWINS / MARSHFIELD MA FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER Meet the M twins!  Aren't they adorable?  So much fun and they were such troopers...even in the rain!  Happy 1st Birthday sweet munchkins  xo

BMP_6777.jpgBMP_6777.jpg BMP_6799.jpgBMP_6799.jpg BMP_6841.jpgBMP_6841.jpg BMP_7052.jpgBMP_7052.jpg BMP_6868.jpgBMP_6868.jpg BMP_6901.jpgBMP_6901.jpg BMP_7121.jpgBMP_7121.jpg BMP_6871.jpgBMP_6871.jpg BMP_6902.jpgBMP_6902.jpg BMP_6852.jpgBMP_6852.jpg

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SISTERS / BOSTON MA LIFESTYLE NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHER It has been a crazy couple of weeks in our house.  Boys are back in school and I can catch up on some much needed sessions!  

I met this family this summer and their little girls are just the sweetest.  Big sis wasn't as cooperative as we had hoped,  but what an amazing BIG sister she is going to be!!  


BMP_8701.jpgBMP_8701.jpg BMP_8729.jpgBMP_8729.jpg BMP_8789.jpgBMP_8789.jpg BMP_8699.jpgBMP_8699.jpg BMP_8778.jpgBMP_8778.jpg BMP_8952.jpgBMP_8952.jpg BMP_9003.jpgBMP_9003.jpg BMP_9385.jpgBMP_9385.jpg BMP_9197.jpgBMP_9197.jpg BMP_9247.jpgBMP_9247.jpg BMP_9039.jpgBMP_9039.jpg BMP_9091-2.jpgBMP_9091-2.jpg BMP_9262.jpgBMP_9262.jpg BMP_9302.jpgBMP_9302.jpg BMP_9341.jpgBMP_9341.jpg

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SWEET / BOSTON MA FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER I could honestly snap photos of this little beauty all day.  She is the sweetest and her mom and dad are pretty awesome too!  Happy 1st Birthday Miss B.  xoxo


BMP_6464.jpgBMP_6464.jpg BMP_6466.jpgBMP_6466.jpg BMP_6436.jpgBMP_6436.jpg BMP_6267.jpgBMP_6267.jpg BMP_6274.jpgBMP_6274.jpg BMP_6137.jpgBMP_6137.jpg BMP_5737.jpgBMP_5737.jpg BMP_5786.jpgBMP_5786.jpg BMP_5801.jpgBMP_5801.jpg BMP_5850.jpgBMP_5850.jpg BMP_5917.jpgBMP_5917.jpg BMP_5920.jpgBMP_5920.jpg BMP_5967.jpgBMP_5967.jpg BMP_5983.jpgBMP_5983.jpg BMP_6010.jpgBMP_6010.jpg BMP_6061.jpgBMP_6061.jpg BMP_6096.jpgBMP_6096.jpg BMP_6091.jpgBMP_6091.jpg


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TWO / WAKEFIELD MA FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER I have been photographing this sweet girl and her family since she was a newborn.  Can't believe she is already TWO!  Happy Birthday Miss M  xoxo

BMP_4400.jpgBMP_4400.jpg BMP_4417.jpgBMP_4417.jpg BMP_4485.jpgBMP_4485.jpg BMP_4866.jpgBMP_4866.jpg BMP_4720.jpgBMP_4720.jpg BMP_4540.jpgBMP_4540.jpg BMP_4595.jpgBMP_4595.jpg BMP_4985.jpgBMP_4985.jpg BMP_5294.jpgBMP_5294.jpg BMP_5312.jpgBMP_5312.jpg BMP_5121.jpgBMP_5121.jpg BMP_5112.jpgBMP_5112.jpg BMP_4974.jpgBMP_4974.jpg BMP_4968.jpgBMP_4968.jpg BMP_4867.jpgBMP_4867.jpg BMP_5097.jpgBMP_5097.jpg

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PRINCESS / BOSTON MA NEWBORN LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHER Oh, this little peanut. She was such a sweetheart for her session! I barely heard a peep out of her the entire time. Mom and Dad were so much fun....And Dad had some great plans of his own!!:)   It was so fun meeting you and your new little girl.....what a lucky little girl she is.  Thank you...xo

BMP_2801.jpgBMP_2801.jpg BMP_2875.jpgBMP_2875.jpg BMP_2887.jpgBMP_2887.jpg BMP_2770.jpgBMP_2770.jpg BMP_2751.jpgBMP_2751.jpg BMP_3305.jpgBMP_3305.jpg BMP_3816.jpgBMP_3816.jpg BMP_3265.jpgBMP_3265.jpg BMP_3288.jpgBMP_3288.jpg BMP_3253.jpgBMP_3253.jpg BMP_3085.jpgBMP_3085.jpg BMP_3080.jpgBMP_3080.jpg BMP_2824.jpgBMP_2824.jpg BMP_2969.jpgBMP_2969.jpg BMP_3064.jpgBMP_3064.jpg

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AMAZING / BOSTON MA NEWBORN LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHER This sweet couple is the best. They are some of the nicest people you will ever meet and they are a total pleasure to work with. And little Josie is just Ah-mazing ....what a lucky little girl!

Welcome to the world sweet girl..xo

BMP_1131.jpgBMP_1131.jpg BMP_0823.jpgBMP_0823.jpg BMP_0968.jpgBMP_0968.jpg BMP_1028.jpgBMP_1028.jpg BMP_1260.jpgBMP_1260.jpg BMP_1251.jpgBMP_1251.jpg BMP_1198.jpgBMP_1198.jpg BMP_1235.jpgBMP_1235.jpg BMP_1492.jpgBMP_1492.jpg BMP_1284.jpgBMP_1284.jpg BMP_1279.jpgBMP_1279.jpg BMP_1280.jpgBMP_1280.jpg BMP_1273.jpgBMP_1273.jpg BMP_1438.jpgBMP_1438.jpg BMP_1417.jpgBMP_1417.jpg BMP_1179.jpgBMP_1179.jpg BMP_1204.jpgBMP_1204.jpg


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LOVE / BOSTON MA MATERNITY PHOTOGRAPHER It is only appropriate that since I shot their newborn session last week, that I would finally get their maternity session blogged.

I met this couple for the first time at their maternity session in Boston's Beacon Hill.  I loved meeting this fun, loving couple and their adorable pup Sampson. And...Beacon Hill has become one of my new favorite places to shoot (how could it not?)

Their session was a piece of cake because mom is very comfortable in front of the camera and looked amazing. She is truly one of those women who was glowing during her pregnancy.

I just loved seeing them again last week with their new baby girl..xo

BMP_8100.jpgBMP_8100.jpg BMP_8056.jpgBMP_8056.jpg BMP_8133-2.jpgBMP_8133-2.jpg BMP_8241.jpgBMP_8241.jpg BMP_8178.jpgBMP_8178.jpg BMP_8187.jpgBMP_8187.jpg BMP_8290.jpgBMP_8290.jpg BMP_8351.jpgBMP_8351.jpg

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THREE / WILMINGTON MA NEWBORN LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHER Everything about this session was wonderful.....little C was perfection (just look at him!!),  mom and dad were calm and relaxed, nursery was amazing and they love Pearl Jam!!

Thank you for a great session xo

BMP_8640.jpgBMP_8640.jpg BMP_8948.jpgBMP_8948.jpg BMP_8851.jpgBMP_8851.jpg BMP_8803.jpgBMP_8803.jpg BMP_8994.jpgBMP_8994.jpg BMP_8984.jpgBMP_8984.jpg BMP_9088-2.jpgBMP_9088-2.jpg BMP_9094.jpgBMP_9094.jpg BMP_9090.jpgBMP_9090.jpg BMP_9113.jpgBMP_9113.jpg BMP_9053.jpgBMP_9053.jpg BMP_8941.jpgBMP_8941.jpg BMP_9207.jpgBMP_9207.jpg

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LITTLE MISS B / BOSTON MA LIFESTYLE FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER Better late than never, right?  This session was another fall session of 2015.  Clearly I am well behind on blogging.  I have promised myself to be better at blogging, so bear with me as I play catch up...AGAIN!!

Loved catching up this old friend and meeting his sweet spunky little girl.....  Thank you for letting me photograph your beautiful family! xo

9982.2-28.jpg9982.2-28.jpg 9982.2-6.jpg9982.2-6.jpg 9982.2-40.jpg9982.2-40.jpg 9982.2-9.jpg9982.2-9.jpg 9982.2-55.jpg9982.2-55.jpg 9982.2.jpg9982.2.jpg 9982.2-19.jpg9982.2-19.jpg

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FALL | WELLESLEY, MA FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER I met this sweet family back in October at Wellesley College.  It was such a beautiful day and I am pretty sure this is when I fell in love with Wellesley College!  I had so much fun with this family and how cute is this little guy?

9982.2-18.jpg9982.2-18.jpg 9982.2-23.jpg9982.2-23.jpg 9982.2-37.jpg9982.2-37.jpg 9982.2-28.jpg9982.2-28.jpg 9982.2-33.jpg9982.2-33.jpg



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BRISK / MARSHFIELD MA FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER I met up with this sweet family on a very cold November morning.  This might have been the quickest session I have ever done.  This little man was such a poser and such a big help with is little sister.  It was so nice to meet you all!  Can't wait until next time!  xo

BMP_3762.jpgBMP_3762.jpg BMP_3796.jpgBMP_3796.jpg BMP_3701.jpgBMP_3701.jpg BMP_3712-Edit.jpgBMP_3712-Edit.jpg BMP_3821.jpgBMP_3821.jpg BMP_3997-2.jpgBMP_3997-2.jpg BMP_3726.jpgBMP_3726.jpg


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